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THANIYA SPIRIT CO., LTD.  A foreign exchange business with more than 20  years experience.

THANIYA SPIRIT CO., LTD. Provides the best exchange rates for customers travelling for business or pleasure.  We welcome  individuals and groups.

We strive to provide our customers with the best service  and be recognized as the # 1 foreign exchange company. 

THANIYA SPIRIT CO., LTD. Provides the best exchange rate. And we are willing to serve all customers at every opportunity. Whether you are going to travel. Or contact Whether you are traveling alone or in groups. We are pleased to serve all customers with the impressive.

With policies that understand the needs and meet the lifestyle. THANIYA SPIRIT CO., LTD. We are all ready to serve you with all your wishes. THANIYA SPIRIT CO., LTD. And check with the company standard. It gives you the confidence that you will get the best service. Quality and Impressions with smile back after use with us. THANIYA SPIRIT CO., LTD.